The Baha'i House of Worship Samoa

A place of worship open people of every religion in the beautiful islands of Samoa.

Youth Year of ServiceVolunteer in office

Though open to people of any age, the most common avenue of service is the youth year of service for Baha'’i' young people. Volunteers typically live at facilities on the Temple grounds, and work in the gardens with the grounds crew, with the Temple managers, and/or greet visitors. They may also be assigned to work at the Baha'’i' National Office or the Baha'’i' Montessori Preschool, both of which are located on-site.

Short-term service

Those interested in volunteering some of their time at the House of Worship while vacationing in Samoa are welcome to contact the Temple managers either before they arrive, or once they are on-island. Though it is not possible to plan a schedule for them in advance, there is usually plenty of work that can benefit from added assistance.

There are also frequent inquiries about serving at the House of Worship over a summer/holiday break. The policy of the National Spiritual Assembly is that it cannot guarantee accommodation or a schedule of service to volunteers staying in Samoa less than three months. Those interested may still contact the Temple managers, as arrangements have been made in the past on a case-by-case basis.

Where to start

It is important that prospective volunteers work through the proper administrative channels. Failure to do so will often cause difficulties and delays. The following guidelines will serve as a good starting point.

Please note that the initial stages of your application process will be handled by the National Spiritual Assembly and its appointed institution the Volunteer Service Office.

  1. Contact the National Spiritual Assembly of Samoa at You will be sent a copy of the “Baha'’i' Volunteers Manual” for an overview of service in Samoa, and the “Volunteer Application Packet”. Fill this form out as completely and carefully as possible and email back to the National Spiritual Assembly.
  2. Contact the appropriate institution in your home country to discuss with them your interest in/plans of service in Samoa. This institution could be a youth office/desk, a pioneering office, or may simply be your National Spiritual Assembly. Confirmation will be needed from them before continuing your application process.
  3. The National Office will correspond with you throughout this process and is happy to answer any questions you may have, but keep in mind the staff is small and communication may take time. Also be aware that some elements that involve the government, such as approving visas, are beyond our control and can be lengthy. The application process may be an opportunity to build the virtue of patience.
  4. Once you have received your visa you may book your flight to Samoa. Please advise the National Office of your flight number and arrival time. Do this at least one week prior to your arrival in Samoa to give time to ready accommodations, arrange transport from the airport, etc.